Founding team

Our team is a passionate group of professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch gaming experiences. With a diverse skill set ranging from game design and development to marketing and customer support, we work cohesively to bring our gaming vision to life. Together, we’re committed to creating enjoyable and engaging games for our players.

Carlos Ripoll
Carlos Cameo
Íñigo Cavestany
Head of Marketing & Ecosystem
Alejandro López-Gasco
Head of Partnerships

By players for players

Marco Casero
Jaime Martinez
Lead Unity Developer
Sergio Blázquez
Game Producer
Yoana Padrón
Head of UX UI
Manuel Rincon
Technical Designer
Javier Sierra
3D Artist
Fernando Calderón
Unity Developer
David Sánchez
Head of Web3 & Strategy
Francisco Apetato
$SWIO GTM Strategy Advisor